The ‘Being Mary Jane’ Finale Is Tonight And We Have Five Questions About The Emotional Ending

The ‘Being Mary Jane’ Finale Is Tonight And We Have Five Questions About The Emotional Ending

The ‘Being Mary Jane’ season finale airs on BET April 23 at 8 PM PT & 7 PM CT.

Published April 23, 2019

It’s the wrap-up of the decade we’ve all been waiting for! Will Mary Jane Paul finally get the happy ending she’s been longing for after almost a decade? In 2013, Gabrielle Union first captivated viewers as the no-nonsense TV anchor who has endured family problems, lover’s quarrels, racism and sabotage to climb the corporate ladder. Now we will find out if it was all worth it for our shero.

Season four kicked off with Mary Jane finally making it to the Big Apple in her dream job as anchor of Good Day USA. Her rise to the top didn’t come without a few troubles and some backstabbing of course. Mary Jane had a tough decision between naming Kara or Justin as Good Day USA’s next executive producer after their old boss took a new job. Mary Jane went with her gut and chose Kara. It wouldn’t be the first time Mary Jane has had to navigate murky waters at the network. After getting rid of her idol-turned-nemesis, Ronda, Mary Jane had her hands full with Dani, a mouthy Republican millennial with a penchant for stirring the pot. With Kara running the ship, Mary Jane’s star can only continue to rise. If only the same could be said about her love life.

Here are five questions we hope will be answered in the Being Mary Jane finale, which airs on BET April 23 at 8 PM PT and 7 PM CT.


  1. "Being Mary Jane" episode 420. Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane Paul and Michael Ealy as Justin Talbot. (Photo: BET)
    Will Mary Jane Make It Down The Aisle?

    Mary Jane’s love life has been through some serious ups and downs, to say the least. Let’s do a rundown. She had a good thing going with Andre until she found out he was married. She stole David’s sperm in a bout of baby fever. She was two-timing with Sheldon and Brandon, ultimately kicking Brandon to the curb for Sheldon only to find out Sheldon was not all interested in getting married, let alone having a family.

    It finally seemed like things were heading somewhere with Lee until she cheated on him with her ex, Justin. BTW, Justin got MJ fired from her first major gig. Yeah, she has been through a lot.  But Mary Jane might finally get the picture-perfect family she has wanted all along. Justin finally came to his senses, popping the big question in season four’s final episode.


  2. Does Mary Jane Have A New Boo?

    In a 55-second teaser, viewers see Mary Jane standing before a mirror in a wedding gown when she begins hearing voices in her head. Her mother, Helen Patterson, interrupts her daughter to remind her "it's time." But we didn’t see who will be at Mary Jane’s wedding, so the end game is up in the air.

    Mary Jane could have a new man for all we know. A second set of teasers showed the news anchor getting steamy with a new boo (played by Morris Chestnut) in her kitchen, leaving us to wonder what happened to Justin. ICYMI: Justin proposed to Mary Jane in the season four finale. But was he too late?


  3. (Photo: BET Networks)

    Is Mary Jane Pregnant?

    As we all know, Mary Jane wants to be a mother more than anything. And when Mary Jane gets desperate, she turns to desperate measures. Let us not forget the part where she stole her boyfriend's sperm in season 1.

    When viewers last saw Mary Jane, she had decided to move forward with using a sperm donor to get pregnant even though she was facing the possibility of raising her child as a single mother. The catch is the child may not be Justin’s. Mary Jane had these embryos made when she was dating David, who had tried to get the embryos flushed down the toilet. Messy, indeed. It almost seems like Mary Jane can’t win from losing.


  4. "Being Mary Jane" episode 420. Richard Roundtree as Paul Patterson, Sr. and Margaret Avery as Helen Patterson. (Photo: BET)

    Will Mama And Papa Patterson Go Through With Their Divorce?

    On top of dealing with work politics and relationship woes, Mary Jane’s parents dropped a major bombshell: they have filed for divorce. The Patterson family has been the heart of the show since season one and Mary Jane’s bedrock, so the news is definitely devastating.

    Helen has been working hard to win her man back, but her home cooking just wasn’t enough for Paul Sr. to stomach her affair with Frank, who is actually Patrick’s father and not Paul Sr. like we were initially led to believe. In the final season, Paul Sr. gives Helen a manila folder filled with divorce documents. Is this really the end for Mary Jane’s parents?


  5. "Being Mary Jane" episode 420. Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane Paul and Lisa Vidal as Kara Lynch. (Photo: BET)

    Are We Getting Two Weddings?

    In the lead up to the finale, Kara was certain that Orlando would be proposing to her at his retirement party (that she put together, no less), but the dice don’t quite fall that way. But their relationship definitely seems to be getting serious. If Kara’s confession to MJ is anything to go by, she is definitely feeling that Orlando might be “the one,” and it’s only fitting that Kara gets her own happy ending with everything she has been through. 


Written by Danielle Ransom

Photo Credit: BET Networks


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