Jaeger Meister: John Boyega's Notting Hill Fun Inspired Pacific Rim Scene [VIDEO]

SANTA BARBARA, CA - FEBRUARY 03:  Actor John Boyega speaks onstage at the Virtuosos Award Presented By UGG during The 33rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival at Arlington Theatre on February 3, 2018 in Santa Barbara, California.  (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SBIFF)

Jaeger Meister: John Boyega's Notting Hill Fun Inspired Pacific Rim Scene [VIDEO]

But there is something he never does when he parties.

Published March 14, 2018

Written by Jerry L. Barrow

In 2013’s Kaiju-crushing blockbuster Pacific Rim, Idris Elba anchored a team fearless pilots who risked their lives to save the world while at the helm of 300-foot-tall robots called Jaegers. Elba’s character, Stacker Pentecost, was as charismatic as he was disciplined, rallying his troops to battle with his now legendary directive, “Today, we are cancelling the apocalypse!”



Pacific Rim Uprising takes place ten years after the last battle with the Kaiju, which closed “the breach,” a portal to another dimension at the Earth’s core. The elder Pentecost perished in that battle, but his son, Jake, lives on in the post-Kaiju world as a hard-partying scavenger, squatting in abandoned mansions and hustling to survive. Jake is played by John Boyega, who made headlines for his own partying during his native London’s Notting Hill Carnival.  

“Definitely it’s inspired by Notting hill. Definitely,” Boyega says of one booze-soaked party scene in Pacific Rim Uprising. “Lizz, our costume designer, we talked about the party scene and she said ‘This is like the Notting Hill Carnival. And that was actually a reshoot, the party. We added that in later.”

However, Boyega is careful to draw a line between fact and fiction, insisting that he doesn’t go quite as hard as Jake in real life.

“I have alcohol embedded in my blood, so I actually don’t drink alcohol. I never have,” he reveals.  “I just know how to have a good ‘ole time by myself with a bottle of water.” 

Water is fine, but we’re not so sure about the alone part. You can bet on catching Boyega at this year’s carnival bumping flesh to a Caribbean beat. 

“Yeah man. I’ll be catching wines till the end of time. Or until [I'm] married.”

Watch the video above.


Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SBIFF)


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