‘The Oval’ Episode 9 Recap: 'The Fishbowl'

Still from BET's "The Oval" episode 109. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

‘The Oval’ Episode 9 Recap: 'The Fishbowl'

The first daughter gets rescued, but is she safe from her mother?

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 19, 2019 / 11:17 AM

Written by Starr Rocque

Episode 9 of The Oval picks up with the aftermath of Gayle getting her rotten behind kidnapped. Luckily for the first daughter, the head butler, Richard, happened to be in the same apartment complex looking for his son, Barry. While he didn’t find Barry, he did stumble upon Gayle in distress, as the men that snatched her were about to rape her. 

What we know about Richard is that he used to be in the army and is obviously trained in hand-to-hand combat, so these punks didn’t scare him, and he went right to work unleashing fists of fury and managed to save Gayle’s ungrateful self. He didn’t realize it was Gayle until he got her to his car, but he does the right thing. He calls Sam, the head of the Secret Service, and Sam dispatches his crew to get her. 


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Sam didn’t think it was a good idea for Richard to bring Gayle back to the White House since she’s prone to lying and could easily make up another story. Gayle acts like an ungrateful pig at first, but later on, she and Richard have a chat and she explains that she hates the life she lives. We obviously know that she’s deeply troubled, but Richard literally has the patience of a saint. 

Richard tells her that he understands what she’s going through because he has seen other children go through the White House life. He also tells her she should give it a chance, and give the people in the White House a chance, and stop making up stories that can hurt people. The talk might have actually sunk in, but only time will tell. 


The other thing that happened in last week’s episode was that Bobby was crazy enough to break into Lily’s home again. He used to be an army ranger, which is how he was stealthy enough to get past the secret service that was watching the home. Lilly asks what he wants with her, and he says the obvious—he wants her. Lilly describes him as having marked her and wants to know who’s behind it. Bobby claims he doesn’t know and that these kinds of things go through a lot of people and that everything he did was part of his job. Lilly claims she didn’t fall for it but it’s clear they probably like each other. He literally just said he wanted her! 

Anyway, Bobby tells her he was hired because she pissed someone off and asks what she did. Lilly doesn’t know what he’s talking about and says her husband, Donald, would never hire someone to do this to her. Bobby says she doesn’t know her husband the way she thinks, but offers to help her before she kicks him out. He gives her a burner phone before he leaves. It’s painful to watch them act like they don’t actually like each other but we all know that eventually they’ll end up working together, even though it’s true that Bobby can’t be trusted. 


Meanwhile, back at Richard’s house…

Barry is still being a jerk to Nancy and Sharon. Then he spots the woman from the Ragadooshi cult—the one who helped kidnap his daughter, Callie—that ended up running to his mother for help. He flies off the handle again and Nancy smacks fire out of him, which he deserved. He storms off in a rage, once again, and we’re still no closer to finding Callie. Sharon follows him upstairs and he asks her if she and her boss are dealing drugs at the pharmacy. Sharon denies selling drugs, but she probably doesn’t really know what her boss is into. 

Anyway, Barry doesn’t believe it at first, so he spazzes out again but then breaks down crying, because we all know his behavior is due to Callie being missing. Despite his erratic behavior and abuse, Sharon manages to calm him down and actually have a conversation. Sharon reminds him that everyone in that house is worried about Callie and that it’s not just him and she assures him that the little girl will be found. Then Nancy walks into the room and grabs them up in a collective group hug.  Awwww. 


Victoria and Hunter get word that the secret service has eyes on Gayle, a.k.a. “Sparrow,” and Victoria decides to roll with the agents to pick her up. But none of this means that Gayle is actually safe. Remember, Victoria is a woman who will Taze her own children, as we’ve already seen. This isn’t going to go well. 

While all of that is going on, Hunter’s mistress, Denise, is brought back to the White House. Denise already told Hunter she didn’t want to see him again but he sent his agent to basically kidnap her. She keeps telling him that she doesn’t want to do this and he keeps ignoring her. (Um...this is rape, if you’re keeping score at home.) Anyway, he tells her to kiss him, and she does it. He also gives her a tip about some stocks she should invest in that will make her rich (this is supposed to make up for the inconvenience smh), and then they proceed to get it on.  

Now we’re back to the Sparrow. Once Gayle gets in the car with the Secret Service, Victoria starts berating her and even threatens to taze her again. The Secret Service agents claim they don’t have their Tasers on them, which is hard to believe. So when that doesn’t work, Victoria asks for a gun. They don’t give her their guns, despite her rage. Victoria tells Gayle she’ll never see Picky again, and that is definitely a threat. Then Gayle asks the driver to stop the car. Victoria tells them to speed up. Gayle tells her mom she hates her and throws herself out of the car. 

Gayle. Threw. Herself. Out. Of. A. Moving. Vehicle. 

And you know what? Victoria didn’t even so much as flinch. That’s mother of the year right there. 

Who else can’t wait until next week to see what the first lady is going to do? 

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