Wow: You Must Read How Luenell Just Dragged NeNe Leakes

Wow: You Must Read How Luenell Just Dragged NeNe Leakes

The comedian broke it down.

Published May 19, 2016

Luenell wants the last word.

The legendary comedienne has been scrapping with NeNe Leakes in the press this week after throwing some shade at the reality star's budding comedy career. Of course, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star wasted no time clapping back at the comedy all-star, but Luenell isn't about to leave it there. In fact, she's inviting NeNe to meet her face to face and settle their beef like they do in the streets.

NeNe threw down the gauntlet earlier this week when she called Luenell an "old hater" who would be "opening up for me one day." 

Luenell responded by telling EurWeb, "It’s mean and f***ed up. It’s cruel and I’m not the grandmother around here, she is. We may be just a few years apart. My daughter is in college. She doesn’t have any children. I didn’t call her any names, she did, which evoked her fans to follow suit and call me names as well. I never called her any names. I wished her well."

The comedienne continues, "But she’s made a career out of being mean to people. She’s a very mean-spirited woman. I come from Oakland, California. I was born in Arkansas. When we have confrontations about things, we deal with it face to face. I’m not trying to brawl with anybody in the streets, but I certainly won’t back down from a verbal confrontation."

Luenell goes on to say, surprisingly, that she's not trying to cut ties with NeNe despite their differences. “I would love to say, That’ll be the day that I have to come to Nene Leakes for work,' but I know how this business is and a year from now, I very well may be auditioning for a part on a NeNe Leakes production," she admits. "I would rather chew off my left arm but I’m not so stupid enough to pass up work, and if that’s work — whatever. She may be auditioning for me someday. I hope to God that happens."

Still, she says, she doesn't appreciate NeNe's snarky response to her genuine criticism. "You don’t get 26 years' worth of fans being messy like that," she says. "I want to see where her fans are in 26 years. I know where mine will be, right where they are right now."

Will that be the last of it? Doubtful. But you can judge NeNe's comedy chops for yourself by watching a clip of her appearance on Real Husbands of Hollywood, above

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photos from left: Angela Weiss/Getty Images for TV One, Jason Kempin/Getty Images)


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