Here's How Far Cardi B Will Go to Satisfy Her Man

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 10:  Cardi B attends VFILES Front Row during New York Fashion Week on February 10, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Here's How Far Cardi B Will Go to Satisfy Her Man

Nothing's off limits.

Published March 17, 2017

Cardi B would go pretty far to satisfy her man.

In fact, the reality star said in an interview with VLAD-TV that she engages in threesomes just to please him.

She explained that she's had three threesomes, but not because she wanted to do it.

"When I do it, it's just only to satisfy my dude," she said. "To get cool points with my dude. But I never really enjoy it."

She elaborated a bit more on the subject, saying she prefers one-on-one action, and when a third-party is involved, it's just "a show."

"I enjoy intimacy," she said. "So, I enjoy intimacy with me and a girl. I enjoy intimacy with me and my guy. When it's the three thing, it just like a show. It's fake like porn. You just doing it to look good."

Take a look, below:

#CardiB on doing threesomes for "cool points" from her boyfriend, not liking it. (Link in bio)

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Written by John Justice

(Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images)


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