Flo Rida Claps Back at His Alleged Baby Mama Demanding Child Support

Flo Rida Claps Back at His Alleged Baby Mama Demanding Child Support

The rapper wants to make one thing clear.

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 21, 2017 / 11:30 AM

Flo Rida's recent baby mama drama became a hot topic earlier this week when a woman came forward claiming the rapper is a deadbeat dad. Now, for the first time since the allegations, the "Low" MC is speaking out, and he's trying to clear his name in the process.

According to TMZ, sources close to the rapper said he is not a deadbeat father and has actually been making monthly payments of $5,000 to Alexis Adams, who gave birth to their son seven months ago.

The insider added that Flo Rida felt blindsided by Adams after she took him to court. Though they both reportedly agreed on the amount he is currently paying, he allegedly feels she is being greedy by requesting that the judge order him to pay even more.

He reportedly says her requests are ridiculous as they were never a couple to begin with.

According to Alexis's account, though he has been making payments, she doesn't think it's enough for her to support herself and the child, citing the baby's ailments and New York City's high cost of living as main factors. Expounding on this point, she added that she cannot afford child care, forcing her to stay with the baby at all times, not being able to go to work.

TMZ reports, however, that, according to Alexis's sources, she never agreed that $5,000 was an adequate amount and only accepted it because she "needed the money."

Get the latest on Flo Rida's baby mama drama in the BET Breaks video, above.

Written by John Justice

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