'Insecure' Broke The Internet With This Seriously Graphic Sex Scene

'Insecure' Broke The Internet With This Seriously Graphic Sex Scene

Dis tew much!

Published August 28th

Last night’s (August 27) episode of Insecure caught, um, everyone’s eye.

Issa Rae’s character is having trouble keeping her eye on her roster of sex partners, but when Daniel fails to respond to repeated texts, she appears at her neighbor’s apartment.

  1. She then gets turned away because he’s apparently entertaining a “friend” from school. Confronted with this, Issa moves on to her Latin bae, Nico, and invites him to her apartment for drinks and some alone time.

    Nico’s not trying to rush things though, which leaves Issa frustrated and pretty much out of patience. Subsequently, after finding out it’ll cost $5,500 to fix her car, along with all the other mounting pressure, Issa decides to join her friends on a girls' outing at a “sexplosion” expo. There, they tackle condoms, vibrators and everything in-between, including the topic of Black women and oral sex.

    After Tiffany regales the “power in giving blow jobs,” Issa is inspired to try out her skills on Daniel. Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t turn out as gracefully as she’d hoped and was blinded in one eye by Daniel’s own “sexplosion.”

    Twitter, being its normal self, went in on Issa and the scene. Check out their foolish behavior below.

  2. For more on Issa Rae, check out her appearance at Black Girls Rock from last week in the BET video, above.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Justina Mintz/courtesy of HBO)


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