Everybody Is Freaking Out Over This Picture Of Deelishis On Instagram

NEW YORK - MARCH 06:  Deelishis attends BET's Rip The Runway at the Hammerstein Ballroom on March 6, 2007 in New York City. (Photo: Brad Barket/ Getty Images)

Everybody Is Freaking Out Over This Picture Of Deelishis On Instagram

The ‘Flavor of Love’ alum is unrecognizable.

Published January 18, 2018

Flavor of Love, the catalyst and arguably the holy grail of the reality TV movement, introduced the world not only to some of the most timeless moments in television history, but some of the most recognizable faces, as well.

However, as time progressed and checks got fatter, some of those faces seemed to morph with the help of plastic surgery and social media has recently pointed out that this was exactly the case for former FOL contestant Deelishis.

The former reality starlet, whose real name is London Charles, has become the topic of recent headlines after she posted a photo to Instagram. The shocking image took many by surprise, prompting fans to go through her IG page only to notice just how much she has changed — and changed she definitely has.

Today, Deelishis, who currently serves as a radio personality, is pretty much unrecognizable — as seen in the picture below, with the right image serving as the pic that's since gone viral.

Possibly due to the negative response it's gotten, Deelishis has since deleted the original post from her account.

  1. Social media still isn't over this one, as many have taken to Twitter to express their shock in her new look. See how they reacted below:

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: Brad Barket/ Getty Images)


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