Racist Roseanne Has Some Words For The 9-Year-Old Black Actress On Her Show

arrives to the "Roseanne" Los Angeles premiere event held at Walt Disney Studio Lot on March 23, 2018 in Burbank, California.

Racist Roseanne Has Some Words For The 9-Year-Old Black Actress On Her Show

Really, girl?

Published June 3, 2018

Roseanne Barr's racism broke the internet this week after she compared former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape. In case you missed it, she wrote on Twitter, Jarrett equals, “muslim brotherhood & planets of the apes had a baby.” 

After insincere apologies and claiming she would go on a Twitter hiatus, which she never did, she went on a series of Tweets and one was about Jayden Rey, the nine-year-old Black actress on the reboot who played her granddaughter. 

Rey played the role of Mary Conner, the daughter of Roseanne’s TV son DJ. In the original show, DJ wouldn't kiss a Black girl at his school, this would be the girl he later married and Mary is his daughter. 

In a now deleted tweet, Barr "apologzied" to Rey, writing, “I think I’ll b better tomorrow. The saddest part of all is 4 Jayden Rey on the show whom I grew2 love so much & am so ashamed of myself that she would ever think I do not love her bc she is African American. It’s the most gawd awful painful thing. I can’t let myself cave in tho.”

Girl, please. Save those white tears for Fox News. Contrary to popular belief, the Tweet about Jarrerr isn't an isolated incident from Barr. She has a long history of racism. For example, in 2013, she called Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice an ape. The woman is a racist and ABC only decided to pay attention after the outrage went viral.

A rep for Rey has not spoken out about the Roseanne controversy, but this beautiful girl was doing big things before she landed Roseanne.

She is a talented singer, dancer and actress.

Check out the video below of her singing.

Written by Renee Samuel


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