Jeannie Mai Breaks Down In Tears While Admitting She Wishes She Never Married Her Husband

Jeannie Mai Breaks Down In Tears While Admitting She Wishes She Never Married Her Husband

‘The Real’ co-host has been going through it since ending her marriage after 10 years.

Published October 16, 2018

Daytime talk show The Real lived up to its name during a recent episode as co-host Jeannie Mai broke down in tears while making a bold revelation about her marriage.

During the episode, Mai, who is currently in the midst of a nasty divorce with her husband of more than 10 years, Freddy Harteis, tearfully shared that she wishes she never said, "I do," to her future ex-husband.

"Knowing what I know now about who I married, I wouldn't have married him," she said before bursting into tears. "I don't mean to get that serious, but I'm just saying this out there because it's just crazy. You hear all the time that money can change people. Well, divorce can really change people."

Watch the talk show host emotionally explain it all, below:

This comes days after Mai shared on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club more in-depth details about why she chose to walk away from her marriage.

"[The marriage] turned when, I would say, money got involved and ego," she said. "We didn't get divorced on bad terms but 'love,' that's a word [that] I have to figure out what that means between us, right now."

Getting even more specific, she added that a quote her soon-to-be ex-husband shared with her ironically opened her eyes to who he truly is.

"One thing that he always said, and I love this quote, I really believed it, [is] 'You don't truly know a person until they don't get what they want.' That's when they show you who they are," she added. "It's a good quote but you wouldn't think that the person you were married to and you were with for 14 years and taught you the quote would actually be the best No. 1 example to prove it."

Written by Moriba Cummings

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