Meghan McCain Goes Off On Whoopi Goldberg About Voting Rights, And Twitter Comes For Her Neck

Meghan McCain Goes Off On Whoopi Goldberg About Voting Rights, And Twitter Comes For Her Neck

The conservative co-host accused the "View" veteran of thinking “terrorism is funny.”

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 24, 2019 / 11:35 AM

Meghan McCain strikes again. The polarizing conservative pundit, best known for shedding plenty of white tears on The View, is getting slammed by viewers over a spat with Whoopi Goldberg during Tuesday's episode, involving voting rights.

It all started when the EGOT winner voiced her support for Bernie Sanders' proposal that felons be given the right to vote. During a town hall event on Monday, the senator defended voting rights for felons, sexual assaulters and murderers, saying, "I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy."

After labeling Sanders' initial remarks "disgraceful" and suggesting Republicans "turn that into an ad," McCain first took aim at the Democratic party.

"I was upset about it because... if Democrats want to drag everybody this far left, this is why people like me are so upset and so disenfranchised with how extreme this is," she said. "It's not hard to say the Boston terrorist was a psycho lunatic who is a threat not only to national security but shouldn't be allowed the right to vote in any election."

While the rest of the panel shared their thoughts on Senator Kamala Harris' stance on the issue, suggesting "we should have a conversation" about the controversial topic, McCain loudly interjected, "Does anyone think a terrorist should have a right to vote?!"

Goldberg offered up her take, arguing that the justice system has clearly indicated that the formerly incarcerated — including terrorists like the Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — should be legally authorized to vote when released them from prison.

"If he's an American citizen..." Goldberg began, before noticing McCain's flabbergasted facial expression.

"He killed people!" McCain yelled, referring to Tsarnaev, who murdered three people and injured several others in the attack.

"Our Constitution says if you've done your time, you have — we hope — been reformed, you've been changed," Goldberg responded. "If they let him out, that means they feel his time is up and he gets to become the American citizen again."

After bringing up her family, only to stress that she is firmly against Goldberg's stance, McCain attempted to scold the Hollywood veteran, accusing her of laughing about terrorism: "Maybe you think terrorism is funny. I do not."

"Don't do that, Meghan," Whoopi fired back, before a commercial break saved them from going further.

Take a look at the heated segment, below:

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Written by Moriba Cummings

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