Loni Love Says Her Boyfriend Isn’t Privileged Just Because He’s White

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Loni Love Says Her Boyfriend Isn’t Privileged Just Because He’s White

“He struggled coming up just like I did.”

Published April 26, 2019

Written by Moriba Cummings

Loni Love’s swirly relationship with actor James Welsh has had many of her fans cheering for her this past year, and now that the cat is out of the bag, she hasn’t been shy about sharing all the details about her love life.

During a recent interview with Hello Beautiful, the Real co-host candidly answered some of the most burning questions about her swirly relationship, with her first addressing the rumors that she is intentionally dating outside of her race.

"I don't think that anybody should intentionally go outside of their race," she said. "It just happened to me. I'm older and I've been dating a long time. I've been dating Black men for 47 years, so nothing's wrong with that. But this just happened."

After stressing she "never looked at his color" and, instead, focused on their compatibility over anything else, Love touched on the concept of privilege. She claims that Welsh isn’t — in her opinion — a person to whom the term “white privilege” applies.

"I think a lot of people, when they look at white, they think, 'They have privilege,'" she said. "But he struggled coming up just like I did. He didn't have a lot of money and he had family issues and things like that. So, we kind of relate to that as well."

That statement is, let’s face it, sure to get some side eye on the innanets, but we’re sure Loni is speaking more about the ways in which she and her man connected despite their racial differences. And it sure sounds like these two are on solid ground.

"Sometimes you just need to get out of it," she said in conclusion. "Especially when you're working, you're busy raising kids, you're working. You want to be able to just pick up the phone, call your partner. I'd pick up the phone [and] call James right now. He'd pick up."

Good for you, sis!

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