Will Smith Debuts His New Look For ‘King Richard’ Film

Will Smith Debuts His New Look For ‘King Richard’ Film

The actor is preparing to play Venus and Serena Williams’ Dad Richard

PUBLISHED ON : FEBRUARY 28, 2020 / 07:58 AM

Written by Vanessa Etienne

Will Smith is known for embracing the characters he plays, and that includes their looks.

The 51-year-old actor is set to star in the upcoming film, King Richard, a biopic centered on the life of Richard Williams, father of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams. The movie will follow the start of their tennis careers after being coached by their dad throughout their childhood, and Smith is already getting into character.

Smith was recently spotted looking a lot like Richard while on set, showing off his gray beard. According to People, Smith was wearing a black baseball cap, gray sweatshirt, black leggings, white pants and black and white checkered jacket.

Williams played a crucial role in Venus and Serena becoming the players they are, having won 30 Grand Slam tournaments combined. He once wrote a 78-page plan to make them tennis stars, beginning their training at age 4. Serena says she is thankful for that.

“It all started with an idea,” she told People. “It was his idea. It’s changed sports. It’s changed history. He’s been the most important person in my career.”

The film will also star Jon Bernthal as Rick Macci, who also coached the Williams sisters. Sanniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton will be playing Venus and Serena.

The biopic is set to be released November 25.

Photo Credit: Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images


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