Thanks to Kim Kardashian, We Now Know For Sure Taylor Swift Approved 'Famous' Lyrics

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Thanks to Kim Kardashian, We Now Know For Sure Taylor Swift Approved 'Famous' Lyrics

She posted their whole conversation.

Published July 17, 2016

Remember all those times Taylor Swift acted like she was totally blindsided by Kanye West's now-infamous lyrics about her in his The Life of Pablo track "Famous"? Well, Kim Kardashian just confirmed what many suspected already: that Tay knew a lot more than she let on. As in, everything.

The reality star, who stated in a recent interview with GQ that Swift was playing the victim in public when, in fact, she categorically consented to Yeezy's words before he released them. She even said there was video of the whole conversation. Now, she put it all out there on Snapchat — and the shade is glorious.

It all started when Kim posted a snarky tweet directed at Taylor, under the guise of celebrating National Snake Day. Note that Taylor's mentions have been flooded with snake emojis ever since she started getting ugly with her ex Calvin Harris:

She then encouraged her fans to follow her on Snapchat, and those who headed over got quite a surprise. Turns out, Kim posted the entire clip — meaning, all the receipts — of Kanye's convo with Taylor:

The second clip, when Taylor profusely thanks Kanye for being a gentleman and reaching out to her about the lyrics and also declaring that the picture of the flowers he sent her "got the most Instagram likes, like, ever" is just too much.

Kim, you're a savage and we've never loved you more.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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