I Talked To 2Pac: That One Time He Morphed Into Prince

I Talked To 2Pac: That One Time He Morphed Into Prince

Jamilah Barnes Creekmur recalls an early reminder of her cousin's assertiveness.

Published September 13, 2016

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur, we celebrate his life by gathering ‘Pac’s friends, family, co-stars and collaborators to discuss their conversations with the late rap legend.

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Jamilah Barnes Creekmur was introduced to her cousin's assertive personality well before he hit the world stage. Years before he became the rap legend 2Pac, a moment that is now her fondest childhood memory was a precursor to who he would become.

As a teenager, ‘Pac took it upon himself to play manager to his younger sister and cousins, gathering them together for makeshift performances as their favorite musical groups. Putting household items to use as their instruments, a young Tupac would organize their big “on stage” moments. His favorite band to portray? Prince and the Revolution. His role? Prince – every single time. And did anyone have room to object? Of course not. Foreshadowing his outspoked persona, he did not mince words with his answer to an inquiry about why he would always take the starring role.

“I’m out here gettin’ us work! Are you gonna be out here, bookin’ these jobs and gettin’ us performances? Until you’re ready to be out here managing this group and takin’ us on tour, I’ma be Prince! And if anybody got a problem with me being Prince, they need to let me know!”

For Creekmur, this was an early testament to Tupac’s dedication to anything he was involved in. If he were still alive today, his cousin believes he would be a frontrunner for justice in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

“If I could have a conversation with Tupac now, there’s so much that I would talk to him about,” she said. “One of the most pressing things is just how black and brown people’s lives are being taken senselessly and without justification. In my spirit, I feel like he would absolutely be at the forefront of those conversations.”

Watch Jamilah Barnes Creekmur recall her cousin 2Pac in the video above. Stay tuned for more 'I Talked to 2Pac' stories with the hashtag #iTalkedToTupac.

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