Ne-Yo Says If Trump Wins, He's Moving to Canada With Drake

Ne-Yo Says If Trump Wins, He's Moving to Canada With Drake

He's with him.

Published October 11, 2016

With election day drawing near, rappers, much like many in our country, are starting to panic about just how real things possibly could get. Regardless of who wins the election, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, moving to Canada is starting to look more and more appealing.

While at the LAX airport, Ne-Yo shared with a reporter that, at the end of the day, moving to Drake's native land is going to be his plan B if Trump wins.

During the brief interview, Ne-Yo said that he's 100 percent voting for Clinton, but he's still taking the necessary precautions if Trump finds himself victorious.

"I already told you what I'm doing if he becomes president," he said to the reporter. "I'm moving to Canada. Me and Drake are going to be neighbors."

"The unfortunate thing about this planet is that we are in no shortage of ignorance," he said, adding that he is still perplexed that Trump has as many supporters as he does.

Take a look at the interview in full in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from Left: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images, Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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