Meek Mill Takes Shots at the Jenner Sisters and Donald Trump in His New Freestyle

Meek Mill Takes Shots at the Jenner Sisters and Donald Trump in His New Freestyle

He also throws Kanye West into the mix.

Published November 15th

Meek Mill is maintaining through the madness that has been this past week by turning to something he does best: rap. 

During a seven-minute freestyle with Power 105's DJ Clue, the Philadelphia rapper unleashes some serious heat, taking shots at everything from Donald Trump to the Jenner sisters and back again.

While making several references to Kanye West, Meek Mill drops bar after bar, further proving that he really is one of the best in the rap game right now, even if his multiple and ongoing beefs may take away from that fact at times. 

"Bad b***h with me getting her slay on," he spits. "Let me in this b***h, I'ma stay on / Any n***a in the way of that, we pull that K on / Fill his clothes up with holes, tell him get his 'Ye on, Yeezus."

He then focuses on the wealth and privilege that the Jenners were born into, saying, "We ain't grow up like the Jenners / The only choice we had was f**k with yay / Sometimes it'd make me wanna run away / Sometimes I see my people struggle and I want to stay."

Meek Mill then takes the opportunity in the booth to diss Trump in the wake of him winning the presidential election, rapping, "Now that Trump won the election / They're gonna try to box us out like the Mexicans."

Yup. Meek Mill's still got it.

Take a listen to the rapper cover a ton of impressive ground lyrically in the full freestyle below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from Left: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2015, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar, Brian Blanco/Getty Images)


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