Update: Here’s How Lil Wayne Reacted to Martin Shkreli Leaking ‘Tha Carter 5’

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Update: Here’s How Lil Wayne Reacted to Martin Shkreli Leaking ‘Tha Carter 5’

The Pharma Bro claims he owns Weezy’s unreleased work.

Published December 23, 2016

Updated December 23, 6pm EST.

Earlier we reported that Martin Shkreli is boasting ownership of Lil Wayne's highly anticipated album Tha Carter V. Now that Weezy and his camp have gotten word of the situation, it's safe to say that they aren't pleased the project found its way into the pharmaceutical executive's hands. 

According to TMZ, a source close to Lil Wayne confirms that the material Shkreli previewed on Periscope is in fact the real deal, and it likely will be leading to a lawsuit, either from Cash Money or Universal Music Group. Additionally, it's been reported that Lil Wayne's camp is doing an internal investigation to see if someone leaked the project to Shkreli. Birdman has been claiming it's been in Weezy's possession this whole time, so leaking the album likely wasn't his move.

More on this situation as it develops.

Original story below: 

Martin Shkreli, the owner of the only copy of Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, has apparently gotten his hands on a project so valuable it makes his previous $2 million purchase "look like peanuts." 

According to the pharmaceutical executive himself, he has now acquired Lil Wayne's highly anticipated Tha Carter V project and decided to show off the newest addition to his high stake music collection on Periscope.

"It’s going to make Wu-Tang look irrelevant," Shkreli says, of his freshly acquired Lil Wayne material. “I have acquired hip-hop’s most exclusive, most sought after album and it’s mine.”

Of course, he follows that statement with an evil laugh. *Shudders*

Following teasing the project, he shows he's good for his word, pressing play on a few minutes of previously unheard music by Weezy.

"Let’s just say this thing fell into my lap," he hints. "But when you’re as handsome, good-looking, smart and wealthy as me, things just fall into your lap."

Yeah, okay.

Who knows, maybe Shkreli's intentions here aren't totally selfish or menacing, and he's lending a hand to help sort the never-ending tension between Birdman and Lil Wayne. Sometimes it's best to remain optimistic, right?

Take a look at Martin Shkreli's Periscope session teasing his copy of Tha Carter V in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Denise Truscello/WireImage)


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