Kodak Black Just Made a Major Political Statement

Atlantic Records Press Handout (Photo: David Cabrera/Atantic Records)

Kodak Black Just Made a Major Political Statement

The Project Baby is calling loudly for America's attention.

Published February 17, 2017

Kodak Black hasn’t been on his best behavior lately after being released from jail in December and has even switched up on us with a new hairstyle.

But with the Florida rap star’s politically impactful visuals for his “Tunnel Vison” single, it looks like he’s switching up some of his messages for fans as well. 

The video tackles a major bout in racial tension as it begins with a preview of a Black man tussling with a white man donning white supremacist gear such as a Confederate flag and Donald Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” caps.

As the actual song ensues, we are taken back to how it all began while being introduced to Kodak, who is debuting his new haircut in the video, and two of his affiliates. In Kodak’s compelling visual, he and the two men stand in a field as a wooden cross burns, a staple of white supremacy and the American-founded Ku Klux Klan hate group, as well as one of the group’s white-hooded members lynched from one of the other crosses. While Kodak raps about his awareness of others not wanting to see him succeed and, instead, who wish to see him behind bars, the violent story of the white and Black man unfolds.

Approaching the Black man, who appears to be doing some yard work, the white Trump supporter wields his gun from a pick-up truck and, without any exchanged words, aims it directly at the Black citizen as the two make eye contact. Once something goes wrong with the gun and it fails to discharge, the Black man charges at him and the two engage in vigorous fist-to-fist combat on the ground. Nearly ending the scuffle, the Black man gets the upper hand and prepares to strangle the aggressor symbolically with an American flag.

In a cliffhanger ending, a young white child appears and she yells at the men to stop right before they both look up at her and the video abruptly ends. While we previously hadn’t seen the 19-year-old boast about much else than his Project Baby moniker and rap bravado, we’re glad to see him making his own statements on the political climate through his art.

See Kodak’s address to the state of the nation in “Tunnel Vision” below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: David Cabrera/Atantic Records)


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