Welp, Here's What Meek Mill Was Doing While Nicki Minaj Was Being Destroyed by Remy Ma

Welp, Here's What Meek Mill Was Doing While Nicki Minaj Was Being Destroyed by Remy Ma

He made a homeless man do push-ups for cash.

Published February 25th

Earlier today (Feb. 25),Remy Ma  has unleashed pure fury, in the form of a lethal diss track, taking on the likes of Nicki Minaj and essentially breaking the Internet in the process.

While everyone and their mother, including quite literally Wiz Khalifa's mom, commented on the beef, apparently Meek Mill had something better to do.

While many were wondering if Meek somehow was involved, with folks on Twitter joking that Meek Mill himself provided all the tea for the many shots that Remy fired, others were curious if he'd come out of left field and insert himself into the situation in some capacity or another.

However, video footage has since surfaced showing that instead of paying attention to what was unraveling on the Internet, the Philadelphia rapper was busy entertaining the homeless.

In the video clip, Meek can be heard humoring a homeless man who had asked him for money in the street, making him do a series of push-ups in exchange for $20.

"Give me 10 push-ups and I’ll give you $20, right now," Meek says. "We ain’t giving away no free money."

The man doesn't believe him at first but ends up getting down to the ground to drop and give Meek 20. Hopefully off camera, Meek rewarded him for more than just a twenty spot.

Either way, this is what Meek has been up to as of late... Needless to say, it appears only time will tell if he'll ever weigh in or not regarding his recent ex finding herself at the center of this intense new battle. Judging from his personal track record with Drake, maybe he's wise not to get involved and sit this one out.

Take a look at Meek Mill interacting a destitute man on the street in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Fanatics, Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Essence)


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