Too Short Issues Statement Denying Recent Rape Allegations

Too Short Issues Statement Denying Recent Rape Allegations

He says the claim is completely false.

Published March 4th

As reported, Too Short recently found himself on the receiving end of a very serious allegation that he sexually assaulted a former protégée.

According to the reports, the alleged victim came forward to tell police enforcement that she was allegedly attacked by the West Coast rapper. A day following the allegation making headlines, Too Short has now come forward with an official statement regarding the matter.

"Today, I read that I am being investigated for allegedly committing sexual assault," the emcee shared in a statement. "The allegations against me are completely false. Let me be clear, I have NEVER had nonconsensual sex with anyone, ever."

Additionally, the rapper claims that he has not been contacted by any law enforcement regarding the allegation, going on to add that he highly doubts he will be investigated, denying the claims of the sexual assault.

"I have directed my lawyers to vigorously combat these ridiculous claims," the statement continued. "I have not been contacted by the LAPD about this matter and doubt I ever will be. If I am, I will direct my lawyers to fully cooperate and turn over 100’s of text messages and other evidence that will prove this woman is falsely accusing me. Thanks for your support."

At the time of this report, no charges have been filed nor has the rapper been contacted by police regarding this matter. Especially considering the rapper's willingness to cooperate with police in the event he has to, hopefully things will get cleared up soon.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images for Bud Light)


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