This Fan's Theory on Kendrick Lamar's Album Might Seriously Be Onto Something...

AUSTIN, TX - OCTOBER 08:  Kendrick Lamar performs live at Austin City Limits Festival at Zilker Park on October 8, 2016 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Jim Bennett/FilmMagic)

This Fan's Theory on Kendrick Lamar's Album Might Seriously Be Onto Something...

Is there another K-Dot album on the way?

Published April 14, 2017

As is the course of action for every highly awaited album release, the dissections of Kendrick Lamars DAMN. album, which dropped Thursday night (April 13), have begun.

However, one fan has brought together the album’s cover, song titles, a pre-release track and the release date to decode a message that, if true, will make hip-hop fly off the handle. 

So the theory goes like this: K-Dot will drop another album on Easter as a parable to the resurrection of Jesus, God’s son, which not only parallels his symbolization as a rap prophet, but ultimately, the highest hip-hop deity. Beginning with a mysterious tweet from TDE’s in-house producer Sounwave, the theory explains that Kendrick is not finished with us just yet.

“But what if I told you…that’s not the official version,” Sounwave’s tweet reads. The tweet is followed by a photo of Morpheus from The Matrix film, the theory points out, and in his glasses, there is a reflection of him holding one blue pill, and one red pill. It continues explaining that Kendrick’s new Spotify picture shows him in the same scene as the album cover, but in front of a blue brick wall this time. As the signature color of the notorious Crips street gang, the blue symbolizes “the other color,” matching up with the scene of Morpheus’s glasses and the blue brick theme found in the Spotify photo.

“On ‘The Heart Part IV,’ Kendrick says, ‘I said it’s like that, dropped one classic, came right back ‘nother classic, right back, my next album, the whole industry on an ice pack, with TOC, you see the flames,” the theory reads. “TOC= The Other Color.”

Going on to dissect the new album’s track lineup, it further explains that K-Dot’s first song “BLOOD.” represents the Crips’ rival Compton-bred street gang, the Bloods. When Kendrick dies at the end of the first track in DAMN., which was actually released the night before Good Friday but led into the holiday, it correlates with the same day of Jesus’s death. Three days later, the holiday Christians have come to identify as Easter, Jesus was resurrected, and K-Dot may be resurrecting himself with an album on that date as well. To further provide proof of that, the theory also refers to the original April 16 release date, which was subsequently changed to April 14.

Closing out, the theory adds that the positioning of the bold-printed “DAMN” on the album cover includes Devil horns represented through the “M” and is placed right above Kendrick’s head. Should the suspected follow-up album be titled NATION, the theory also points out that an “O” would replace the “M” on K-Dot’s head to represent a halo.

“The first track listens like, ‘Is it wickedness? Is it weakness? You decide. Are we gonna live, or die?’ Is Kendrick saying that we can decided which album we want to believe? ‘DAMN.,’ the one where he dies, or ‘NATION.,’ the one where he lives?”

Conclusively, the theory states the track list acronym also spells out another cryptic message: DEATH 2 THE LEADER.

There you have it folks. Should the theory check out accurately, we may have hip-hop's Chosen One on our hands after all.

See the theory in its entirety below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Jim Bennett/FilmMagic)


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