That Awkward Moment When An R&B Singer Is Arrested For Stealing Headphones

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - MARCH 15:  Singer Christopher Williams perform onstage at The Real Love Music Experience With Christopher Williams at Scales 925 Restaurant on March 15, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

That Awkward Moment When An R&B Singer Is Arrested For Stealing Headphones

Christopher Williams was arrested for petty theft in Georgia.

Published October 3, 2017

Fallen R&B star Christopher Williams has landed himself in hot water after he forgetfully walked out of a store without purchasing a pair of headphones. 

According to TMZ, the "I'm Dreamin'" singer was arrested for petty theft after walking out of a Kohl's in McDonough, Georgia with a pair of headphones that roughly cost $100. Eye witnesses claim that Williams had left the store earlier only to return to grab the headphones, which he put into his tote bag. Shortly after, security stopped him as he tried to walk out with the unpaid merchandise. But, if you ask Williams, he simply forgot that he’d placed the headphones in his bag.

If you’re still wondering who the hell Williams is and why he looks so familiar, the '90s sensation recently appeared on Real Housewives of Atlanta, where he incited a brawl after confronting cast member Kenya Moore over comments she had made about his marriage. Williams, however, is most notorious for being the ex of Halle Berry who maybe, probably, allegedly hit her so hard that she lost her hearing. It’s an allegation he still denies. Williams claims that Wesley Snipes is the real culprit.

But let's pay close attention to the bigger picture here: Christopher Williams is a R&B singer that ironically was arrested for stealing headphones. 

Written by Kai Miller

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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