Joe Budden To Chance The Rapper: 'You Are Not Independent. Stop Saying It.'

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Joe Budden To Chance The Rapper: 'You Are Not Independent. Stop Saying It.'

Joey and Chance are exchanging some choice words for each other.

Published October 13, 2017

New Jersey emcee-turned-Complex-host Joe Budden has made a significant amount of foes from the seat of his co-host chair on Everyday Struggle, namely with the faces of the younger, millennial rap generation.

So, after making some blunt commentary on the “happy” (and faux, according to Joe) musical subject matter of Chicago’s hip-hop wonderkid Chance The Rapper, the “No Problem” emcee’s #BlackBoyJoy shifted into grown man shade real quick. And Joey certainly isn’t happy about that either.

It all began when Joe cracked into Chance’s new music debut with Daniel Caesar, which he gave fans a preview of during his visit on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  The sensitive nature of the song somehow sent Joey into a fit of amusement as he proceeded to dub Chance’s music as “Apollo sh**.”

“What the f**k is he talking about?” Joey said. “It’s too positive.”  

Now, Chance isn’t normally one to respond to any negativity that gets tossed his way — and initially, he didn’t. But while sitting down with Robyn Neal, Lil Chano from 79th fired back a few thinly veiled shots at Joe for his remarks.

“I was getting hit up all over the internet because somebody didn’t like it — this talk show host, Joe Budden — and I don’t get upset about that because that’s just what music is,” he started. “You don’t have to always have songs that everybody likes. You don’t have to always make music that’s going to be the contemporary best, or better than what’s around or fit into what’s around.”

Chance continued championing those who don’t make the “now” sound, reminding everyone that they could still end up like himself and perform their music on a famed television show. He also debunked the notion that everything has to be done “for the culture.” After all, he said, “[he] is the culture,” and, thus, his job is done. His follow-up thoughts to that point, however, apparently didn’t sit well with Uncle Joe.

“I f**k with Joe Budden,” Chance said. “I know that he has to do his thing because he has a talk show now, and he used to be an artist. At that time, he could do whatever he wanted to. But now he’s got to go to his job on Fridays and like, clock in, clock out, and now, it’s important for him to say things that are going to incite conversation. N****s gotta do what they gotta do.”

Rolling back the clip on none other than Everyday Struggle, Joey not only threatened to expose what he says is the truth beneath Chance’s independent rap career, but offered up receipts as well.

“When you attack me and the things I’ve said any my credibility, you’re going to force me to take the mask off of you,” he said. “You are the culture, and because you are the culture I have a moral obligation to relay information now. And I think that you have an obligation to relay such information as well. Yet you continue this lie. You are not independent. Stop saying it, and stop responding to me every time I say it because I’m willing to prove my point.”

Uh-oh. Let’s not take it there, guys.

See Chance’s clapback and Joey's rebuttal in the post below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from Left: Ethan Miller/WireImage, Johnny Nunez/WireImage)


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