Lil Uzi Vert On Lil Peep's Death: 'We Been On Xanax All F**king Year'

Lil Uzi Vert On Lil Peep's Death: 'We Been On Xanax All F**king Year'

He reveals frightening details of what one sober day is like for himself.

Published November 17th

The death of 21-year-old Lil Peep, real name Gustav Åhr, brought forth not only a wave of heartbreak for his devout fan base, but also new dialogue on drug glorification in music, particularly among the young hip-hop generation.

Philly’s rap rock star Lil Uzi Vert, however, doesn’t believe there’s anything new about the conversation. Especially considering that, much like his millennial hip-hop counterparts, drug boasting has been “in” all year. 

Sending his condolences to Peep via Twitter, Uzi reminded everyone of the Xanax wave’s popularity by posting the fallen rap star’s last Instagram post of himself before his death. The picture is a side profile of the New York-native with his tongue out revealing two Xanax pills stuck to it.

“We Would love 2 stop…,” Uzi wrote. “But Do You Really Care Cause We Been On Xanax All F***ing Year. Rip Buddy I 100% Understand and I Don’t Fault U.”

Peep’s not-yet-confirmed cause of death being rumored as an overdose must have influenced Uzi to start his own clean path away from prescription drugs. At least, that’s what his tweets later on in the day suggested after he sent out cryptic details on what a sober Uzi looks like.

“Sober 2 day I have been shaking,” he tweeted. “I have been cursing my [loved] ones out and fighting. In the studio with no thoughts in my head. Teeth biting down because I just wanna be angry at something.”

Perhaps, the Luv Is Rage artist concluded, he’ll just stick to marijuana for the night.

It’s not clear whether Uzi is serious about this rehabilitative stance. But let’s keep him and all those struggling with substance recovery in our prayers in the meantime.

See Uzi’s R.I.P. message for Lil Peep and what his sober days consist of below.  

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo from left: Che Rosales/Getty Images for Spotify, Venturelli/WireImage)


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