Premiere: Watch The Duck’s 'There You Are' Video Is The Jazz, Soul, R&B Uplifting 2018 Needed

(Photo: Courtesy of Watch The Ducks)

Premiere: Watch The Duck’s 'There You Are' Video Is The Jazz, Soul, R&B Uplifting 2018 Needed

Ditch the office and head into the weekend with a retro-funk bang.

Published February 9, 2018

Interscope Records found a genre hybrid gem in Alabama-bred duo, Watch The Duck and their “There You Are” visuals.

For their visual offering of their first 2018 single, producer-vocalist pair Eddie Smith III and Jesse Rankins, discovered and guided by N.E.R.D. legend Pharrell, have trapstepped some last-day trouble into the workplace.  Jesse, the vocal talent, makes sure he leaves the office with a bang, spreading the infectious soul, R&B, funk track to his coworkers who pop out of their seats and into sporadic dance numbers, courtesy of award-winning choreographer, Supple Nam.

Eddie masters the production and DJ table, as the place of business dramatically transforms into a place of bliss. And just when Jessie gets lost in his own hilariously improvised dance routine, his coworkers surprise him with a birthday cake, hugs, and smiles.

Watch The Duck’s “There You Are” reminds us that happiness, magic, fun and everything soul can exist anywhere, anytime, anyplace, which the duo spoke to in their vision for the song and music video.

“The accompanying visual inspires us with the magic of the everyday by closing the gap between typical music video fantasy and the mundanity of an ordinary work environment,” WTD tells of how the visual and track came together.

In addition to being the face of the visual's happy place, Jesse also penned the lyrics behind "There You Are," with co-production assists by RetroFuture. As another man behind-the-scenes, Eddie sat beside Chris Pilarski in the director's chair for the video as well.

Allow Watch The Duck to help you find your happy place with the official “There You Are” music video below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Evan Tetreault, courtesy of Interscope Records)


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