Rae Sremmurd Talks ‘SremmLife 3’ And Gives Their Honest Opinion On Migos

Rae Sremmurd Talks ‘SremmLife 3’ And Gives Their Honest Opinion On Migos

Swae Lee and Slxm Jxmmi have new waves surfacing for their third studio album.

Published March 7, 2018

After getting in a Reebok run with athletes such as Atlanta Falcons' Devonta Freeman, Rae Sremmurd ran the temperature higher with new music from their forthcoming SremmLife 3 project on Monday night (March 5).

Reebok's specially-curated event gathered a handful of New York City gym-goers and hip-hop heads at Industria to introduce their newest addition to the historic kicks collection, the Reebok Fast Flexweave. Attendees revved up the energy in custom agility workouts and intensive stability training, which served as the perfect precursor for Swae Lee and Slxm Jxmmi's explosively high-powered performance. The Mississippi duo pumped the crowd up with SremmLife classics "No Flex Zone" and their No. 1 crowd-pleasing single of 2017, "Black Beatles." They also gave fans a taste of what's to come from SremmLife 3 with recently released singles "T'd Up" and "Power Glide."

But before all the hype ensued, the men let BET Digital in on the latest SremmLife scoops, such as what we can expect from their third studio installation and when fans can expect its arrival. They also shared thoughts on their millennial rap peers, and whether the Migos are the biggest group in hip-hop right now.

BET Digital: Tell me about why you guys chose to align yourself with Reebok's brand instead of Nike, Adidas or another major sneaker giant?

Swae Lee: It's an original brand. It's not washed up and they've been doing the same formula and winning for decades. They have all this new athletic wear coming out and we're active artists ourselves. We don't just get on stage and stand around; we like to jump around, we like to be fly and we like the matching jumpsuits—LL Cool J-style. The color schemes and everything they've got going on fits us well. It's a no-brainer.

Slxm Jxmmi: I would agree with that; not too much to add.

You both have another major collabo you have coming up soon—Donald Glover’s tour! That’s gonna be a crazy sound and vibe hybrid for the stage. Are you excited for this one?

Swae Lee: It's crazy! Coming to a city near you, and it's gonna be sold out. It's gonna be a movie. You're going to get different genres.

Slxm Jxmmi: And different vibes. We gonna turn up, and you know [Childish] is gonna turn up. I can't wait to be side stage hearing 'Redbone.' It's definitely going to be a whole movie the entire tour. We need to document the whole thing. Childish is a cool guy and we're some cool guys, so I know we're going to have a lot of fun.

Swae Lee: New music. Sremm and Gambino.

New music; that's what I like to hear. When are we hearing that 'SremmLife3', though?

Slxm Jxmmi: We about to drop some more singles because we got so much music! So, people underestimate our abilities so we're gonna show them what we can do.

Swae Lee: Early April. SremmLife3.

You’re taking the stage tonight with some of that new music, which will definitely up the ante for the album. What do you plan on accomplishing with this album that you might not have with the formers?

Slxm Jxmmi: Well, I want to answer your question with a question: how many triple disk albums have you ever listened to?

Not many actually.

Slxm Jxmmi: See? That's what's going to make it different and special. It's not gonna be lame. It's not gonna be some thrown together piece of work. It's going to be thought put into it and it's going to mean something.

Swae Lee: We got a good reputation, you know? We ain't artists that just drop trash music. Every time we drop, it's crazy music. We're trying to give our fans super quality over quantity. Now we're giving them hella music; one project, all good music, different cadences. They're going to want to hear every song. They're all just dope as f**k. It's going to be history.

There’s an influx of new millennial talent emerging from everywhere. Many of them are around your age and pushing out similar sound and energy. Your sound and image has remained signature, but has always been able to adapt to the times. Tell me how.

Swae Lee: Rae Sremmurd set the trends since we first came out with the shaved sides on the head and the dreads on the top. Everything we did: screaming high-pitched, 808s, goggles. Everything we've been doing is setting trends, so we don't go with the flow. We always bring new stuff to the table and change the boundaries of music. Show them what they've never heard before.

Slxm Jxmmi: Honestly, I love all the music that the millennials are putting out and I love all the new music. What makes us us is that we just continue to be us, and we don't follow trends. That becomes a trend most of the time.

Last year, you had the No. 1 song in America (Black Beatles). This year, there’s been a hot debate about Migos being the biggest rap group in the world after a debate comparing them to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. In your opinion, who does the biggest rap group title belong to in 2018? Why?

Slxm Jxmmi: To me, the biggest rap group out of Atlanta is the Migos. We're out of Mississippi, so the biggest group out of Mississippi is Rae Sremmurd. We fresh. All we're worried about is what we're doing. We're not worried about that. I've never even heard the debate because it's not on my mind. We just doing our thing everyday. SremmLife.

Swae Lee: We just really let the music speak, and let the world speak. We drop banger after banger. We got a long catalog right now. We're shooting three for three from the 3-point line, so we just let the music talk.

Written by Diamond Alexis

Photos: Reebok


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