Wiz Khalifa Has A Response To Rumors That He's Dissing Drake In This Video

Wiz Khalifa Has A Response To Rumors That He's Dissing Drake In This Video

He doesn't usually do this, but...

Published May 14, 2018

Pittsburgh native and marijuana maven Wiz Khalifa is calling out fake news on those rumors that there’s smoke between him and Drake stemming from a recent video.

The video in question shows Wiz in the backseat of his driver’s car as Drake’s chart-topping, new woman’s anthem, “Nice For What,” plays through the stereo. Wiz playfully requests that the driver turn the song off, laughing afterward and asking him to “play some G sh**.”  

Beef-reaching fans evidently took his request as shade toward Drizzy, which eventually made its way back to Wiz as well.

“Man, I don’t clear s**t up because I do what the f**k I want, but ain’t nobody out here trying to diss that boy, man,” he responded to fans accusing him of the shade. “I just said that because that song is for females—like, females love that song. It makes women feel good, so…”

He concluded by essentially telling folks to quit trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, accompanied by a directive to “go fucc yourself” on the video. It’s been a minute (circa 2011, actually) since the “KK” rap star and Young Money prince have collaborated, but there’s never been even the slightest hint of any tension or tiffs between the two in the following years.

With that said, let’s hit the kill switch on the fake beef buzz, everyone.

See the original video spurring the rumors and Wiz’s quick shutdown on them below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)


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