Joe Budden Just Pointed Out Something ‘Disturbing’ About Pusha T’s Drake Diss

Joe Budden Just Pointed Out Something ‘Disturbing’ About Pusha T’s Drake Diss

Joey wants to know if all is fair in rap and war.

Published May 30, 2018

Pretty much all of hip-hop (and Twitter’s trending topics) has been dedicated to conversations surrounding Pusha T and Drake’s fiery rap rivalry for the larger part of Wednesday (May 30).

New Jersey-native and former emcee Joe Budden tackled the conversation via his podcast platform. However, his sentiments—especially as a former Drizzy foe himself—aren’t as anti-Drake as one would assume.

Budden first asked his co-hosts for the episode, Rory and Mal, where they believe the line should be drawn at touchy subject matter, as spat by Pusha in his “Story Of Adidon” diss record and specifically involving Drake’s close family and friends.

“Where do y’all fall in all is fair in love and war?” he asked.

According to them, all bets were off once the Young Money heavyweight name-dropped Pusha’s fiancée, Virginia Williams, in his “Duppy Freestyle” track. Historically, they added, diss tracks have always entered rather volatile territory, like Jay-Z’s “Super Ugly” taunt at Nas in 2002.

“This was disturbing to listen to, this part,” Joey said of Pusha’s record. “But, the kids? I don’t play really with kids. Like, a n**ga has put my kid in a battle before, and the battle was over. Well, no it wasn’t—I tore him up.”

  1. The larger question standing, as pointed out by Joe, might be: how far is too far, especially as it relates to personal family and friends?
  2. But according to the internet, Pusha had his answer as soon as he heard Drizzy’s bars about his wife-to-be…

Written by Diamond Alexis

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