Fans Are Ringing The Alarm Over Stevie J And Faith Evans' Lovey-dovey Tweets...

Fans Are Ringing The Alarm Over Stevie J And Faith Evans' Lovey-dovey Tweets...

Just three words have sent fans into a frenzy.

Published July 18th

Bad Boy Records original talents Faith Evans and Stevie J had a bit of a storied history over the past couple of years.

For some fans, the thought of the R&B songstress and hip-hop producer seemed somewhat…weird. You know, with Faith, the first lady of Bad Boy, having married and a child by the late Notorious B.I.G., who shared the same label home as Stevie. Even she acknowledged this back in 2017 on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast where she explained that before entering a dating relationship with him, she could barely fathom the idea. Not to mention, Stevie was still trekking through his rocky relationship with the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez.

He tried to talk to me fresh off dating [Joseline] and he has told me about every relationship he has been in," she said. "It was definitely a challenge for me to consider it."

Things didn’t quite work out between the two, but fortunately they were able to still remain good friends. Such good friends, in fact, that neither of them have a problem sharing their love for one another publicly.

  1. In a spontaneous act of affection, Stevie sent Faith his love via Twitter...dropping a bomb on her last name
  2. Faith returned the love with three words for Mr. Steven Aaron Jordan
  3. But fans aren’t necessarily swooning over it, and they’ve also got three words to add to the exchange: #RunFaithRun

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage , Paras Griffin/WireImage)


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