Faith Evans And Stevie J Just Dropped Another Major Bomb...

Faith Evans And Stevie J Just Dropped Another Major Bomb...

Could the newlyweds be adding a plus-one to the Jordan union?

Published July 30, 2018

It’s already been two weeks since Faith Evans and Stevie J tied the knot in a private elopement in Las Vegas, and the newlyweds are still putting their love on display, on wax, and on (permanent) ink for the world to see.

That only leaves one more major step to join their union: parenthood. And Mr. and Mrs. Jordan don’t seem opposed to the idea at all, judging by their comments in a recent TMZ interview.

  1. Reporters from the gossip site caught up with the pair for their first public commentary on what brought about the seemingly spontaneous new marriage

    It all started with a kiss in the studio, Stevie J revealed, when the two had been working together. Faith said that in the past, she’d always seen him as a good friend, but didn’t consider Stevie in an intimate light. As their work relationship blossomed, so did their fondness for one another, and the two began dating. They’d loosely discussed marriage before, but never set anything in stone.

    That all changed when Stevie took a business trip to Las Vegas where the “Tru Love” songstress tagged along. They’d originally had other destination weddings in mind. But they figured since they were already in the City of Lights where marital unions were abundant, why not?

    When the reporter asked whether they’d try for the next common step for newlyweds—a bun in the oven—Faith responded, "Uh, why do you say try?”

    “I mean, I’m pretty fertile,” she said before jokingly wisecracking on her husband, a father of six. “We obviously know he is, too. He ain’t shooting blanks either!”

  2. Faith also made it clear that she has ‘nothing for the haters’ too

    Well, nothing except for a quick clapback. The pair have obviously kept their ears to the (internet) streets, which hasn't been as fond of their new union as the Jordans are:  

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: John Sciulli/Getty Images for VH1/Viacom, Mike Windle/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions)


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