Nicki Minaj Unleashed Hell On Everybody In ‘Barbie Dreams,’ And The Internet Is Losing Its Sh**

Nicki Minaj Unleashed Hell On Everybody In ‘Barbie Dreams,’ And The Internet Is Losing Its Sh**

From Karrueche to Meek Mill and DJ Khaled, Nicki went full-blown savage mode.

Published August 10, 2018

Queens-bred femcee Nicki Minaj snatched the crown, the title, and wigs galore on Friday (August 10) with the surprise drop of her long-awaited Queen album.

Nicki’s roll out was inventive after she tricked the Barbs into believing the album would drop a week later. But as originally promised, she delivered 19 tracks assisted by a roster of hip-hop all-star talents, including the vets like Foxy Brown, Eminem and her Young Money label-leading mentor, Lil Wayne. But on Queen’s third track, Nicki becomes the raunchiest and rawest we’ve ever seen her in the gritty Barbie tale fantasy track titled “Barbie Dreams.” A jazzy James Brown sample of his “Blues and Pants” classic introduces the head Barb, as she empties the clip on three fiery verses dropping bars on a whole gob of Hollywood luminaries, both friend and foe: from Rae Sremmurd to 50 Cent to Fetty Wap to her former flame Meek Mill and everyone in between.

Fans have given the nearly five-minute track a spin, which has sent them all spinning in their chairs and dropping to the floor in pure stupefaction of “Barbie Dreams.”

YIKES. Check out a few of the verses that’s got the Barbs Army running amok below:

  1. 'I tried to f**k 50 for a powerful hour, but all that n***a wanna do is talk power for hours'
  2. 'Somebody go and make sure Karrueche OK though/ I heard she think I’m trying to give the coochie to Quavo'
  3. “All these Bow Wow challenge n**gas lying and sh**/ Man, these Fetty Wap n**gas stay eyeing my sh**”
  4. 'Drake worth a hundred milli, always buying me sh**/ But I don't know, the p**sy better if he's crying and sh**'
  5. “Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to dump him/ I used to pray for times like this face a** when I f**k him”
  6. “Used to f**k with Young Thug, I ain't addressing this sh**/ I caught him in my dressing rooms stealing dresses and sh**”
  7. “And I would've had that Odell Beckham banging the cake/ 'Til I saw him hopping out of cars dancing to Drake”
  8. “Had to cancel DJ Khaled, boy, we ain't speaking/ Ain't no fat n**ga telling me what he ain't eating”
  9. “Tekashi wanna menage, I said tre-way/ Curved him and went the Kim and Kanye way”

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Steve Granitz/WireImage ,Anthony Harvey/Getty Images, Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)


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