Here's The Reason Kanye West Has Beef With President Barack Obama

Here's The Reason Kanye West Has Beef With President Barack Obama

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Published October 8, 2018

If you were ever wondering where all the love that Kanye West shamelessly showers over Donald Trump went for President Barack Obama while he was in office, former Crips leader-turned-L.A.-activist Big U can answer that.

According to Big U, it less to do with his Trump partisanship, but everything to do with the one, common denominator shared by Obama: Chicago, the stomping grounds that’s home to both the former president and Chicago hip-hop icon. 

  1. Big U explained to ‘TMZ’ that Yeezy reached out to him for some community-organizing tips for the Chi

    Recently, fans learned that the GOOD Music founder was ditching his Calabasas crib in California for a Chi-town homecoming where he plans to work with more local artists of his hometown. And what better way to bring the community together than by learning from the Developing Options program leader himself, who said that he and Kanye had an “extensive” conversation on his goals for Chicago intervention.

  2. ‘He wanted me to know how he had felt about Obama and why he was talking to Donald Trump,’ Big U said…

    “And why he felt the need to talk to Trump.” Kanye apparently claimed that he did meet with Obama just as he’s done with Trump. But let the “Yikes” rapper tell it, Obama sidestepped the promises he made during the alleged meeting with ‘Ye.

    “He was telling me how he was disappointed with how he had met with Obama, and Obama never followed through with none of the stuff that they’d talked about,” Big U said of his conversation with Kanye. He went on to say that ‘Ye was “inquisitive” about the Developing Options, and how he can instate those measures and actions within the Chi after learning how the program helped decrease gang violence in Big U’s targeted communities.

  3. Meanwhile, over at the Chicago strategy meeting in Trump's America:


  4. Listen to Big U’s recollection of the political conversation with ‘Ye below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, Pierre Suu/Getty Images)


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