Jill Scott Gave The Most X-Rated Performance Ever And Fans Jaws Are Dropping To The Ground

<<enter caption here>> at Hard Rock Stadium on March 18, 2017 in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Jill Scott Gave The Most X-Rated Performance Ever And Fans Jaws Are Dropping To The Ground

See the Rated-R video for yourself and the "Golden" singer's official statement on the show amid the internet's uproar.

Published November 13, 2018

When Philly-bred neo-soulstress and songwriter Jill Scott takes the stage for a performance, she makes sure you feel it, well…in the soul. For the fellas, however, the “Golden” artist makes sure you feel it in the pants, which she did at a recent concert with nothing but her tongue, her two hands, and a microphone.

  1. Jill steamed up the stage with the lusty, tongue-licking stage performance

    Using her mic as the phallic star of the show for the evening, Jill slowly cocked her head back and forth—mouth wide open and tongue spilling out— toward the mic in a mock fellatio experience for the crowd. Using her hands, she then caressed and fondled away at the mic, heightening the squeals and hollers from jaw-dropped fans below.

    The (*ahem*) performance lasted for a smooth 50 seconds as she laid her fellatio forte out on the stage for everyone to see. For OG Jilly from Philly fans, the eroticism is nothing new, especially after running a finger down her discography.

  2. As for the rest of the internet who has never ever seen this side from the 'Who Is Jill Scott?' artist…

    It looks like they all just found out—the hard way.

    See where their jaws were after seeing the show and Jill's hilarious clapback to those with any qualms about it all below.

  3. We stan a therapeutic queen! 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Mychal Watts/Getty Images for Jazz in The Gardens Music Festival)


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