R. Kelly Blames His Ex Wife, Andrea Lee, For Brainwashing His Daughter

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R. Kelly Blames His Ex Wife, Andrea Lee, For Brainwashing His Daughter

The disgraced singer and his children are estranged.

Published January 12, 2019

As the R. Kelly saga continues to unfold, we learned that his daughter, Joann Lee Kelly has strong feelings about her father that are not so good for the “Name of Love” singer.

Recently, the young lady also known as Buku Abi, took to her Instagram to share her feelings of sympathy and devastation of her father’s actions towards women.

In her very long and heartfelt post, she makes it clear, “My mother, siblings, and I would never condone, support or be a part of ANYTHING negative he has done and or continues to do in his life.”

She also expressed that she is well aware of the accusations of her father. “The same monster that you all confronting me about is my father. I am well aware of who and what he is. I grew up in that house.”

According to TMZ, sources close to the disgraced singer, think that his ex-wife, Andrea Lee, may be brainwashing his daughter and their other two children into hating him.

The close source also mentions that R. Kelly is estranged from his children and have been so for a few years. However, in 2015 Kelly and his daughter Buku Abi, had a collaboration together so that she could show off her talent as a singer.

No one knows for sure whether or not the young woman is brainwashed, but for now, she has made her feelings very clear. And after the airing of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, it may be some time before the mending of their relationship will begin.

Let's hope that all affected will heal and find peace soon.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images)


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