Michelle Williams Addresses Her Breakup With Chad Johnson, Admits She Regrets Doing Reality TV

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Michelle Williams Addresses Her Breakup With Chad Johnson, Admits She Regrets Doing Reality TV

"I thought I was doing the right thing by sharing..."

Published February 15, 2019

Gospel recording artist and former Destiny's Child songstress Michelle Williams has been intentional about welcoming fans into her personal life over the last year.

From opening up about her struggles with mental health to inviting cameras into her home for her Chad Loves Michelle reality show, Williams recently addressed her newfound candidness and the impact it's had on her.

While Williams decided to share her life with the world under the purest intentions, she discussed the negative experiences she's recently come across. "Social media really allows you to see how many people really need the love of Christ in their hearts. I don’t understand how people can make such cruel, uninformed, ignorant, dumb, immature comments about people and/or situations you know NOTHING about," she began.

Despite referring to her decision to be so open as a "mistake," she confirmed there was a bright side to the controversy. "I will admit, I truly made the mistake of opening up and showing the world parts of me that have been private for 20 years. At the same time I know there are people that have been inspired by what I’ve shared BUT maaaan it sure takes a lot to sift through and horrible things people say."

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In a separate post, Williams talked about her intentions with going public with her relationship and how poorly her engagement was received in the media. "All I've ever desired was to be a blessing through my transparency and relationship but a lot of you guys aren't in a place to receive it and be mature! The hate and negative things that are the headlines from my "brothas and/or sistas" media sites is NOT cool. I'm still called to love you though," she wrote.

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Michelle Williams and pastor Chad Johnson got engaged in 2018 after meeting during one of Johnson's retreats the previous year. The couple dated and took their romance to the small screen on OWN's Chad Loves Michelle.Towards the end of the season, the couple announced their split. Despite breaking up late last year, both Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson continue to support each other on social media.

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