Alarming Details Emerge About The Woman Who Bailed R. Kelly Out Of Jail...

Alarming Details Emerge About The Woman Who Bailed R. Kelly Out Of Jail...

She met Kelly on a cruise last year...

Published February 27, 2019

The world has its microscope on the woman who footed the bail of charged sexual predator R. Kelly after he was arrested on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. 

Identified as Valencia Love, the Chicago-native found herself thrust to the forefront of Kelly’s media frenzy upon discovery of her $100,000 payment for his bail. Research into her background uncovered that not only is she a “friend” of the singer’s, but also the reported owner of a day care and brunch restaurant in the Chi. Love subsequently spoke with Fox News’ Tia Ewing to address the backlash from the public, declaring her support for him and claiming it was not her money nor Kelly’s money that granted him freedom. She mentioned that he’d “only been a gentleman” to her as well, and “as a friend if he says he’s innocent, [she] can only believe that he is innocent.”

However, Love didn’t address in that conversation her specific history with Kelly nor how she came up with the money. A new report from Chicago Sun-Times is filling in those gaps, and according to their findings, there’s a chance that Love’s bond cash may have some disturbing origins.

  1. the 'Sun-Times' reports that Don Russell, another one of Kelly’s close friends and advisers, shared information on Love

    He claims the two have known each other for only few months after meeting on a Spirit of Chicago cruise back in September. During his three nights spent behind bars, she called around to members of his team to reach out a helping hand amid his failure to post his own bond. Russell stated that “she wanted Rob to have a chance at justice” and felt he’d have a better shot outside of jail. He claims Love was also present the day he was released from jail and even clinked glasses to a toast to their friendship.

  2. On the contrary, the site reports that a woman claiming to be Love phoned in to 'the Sun-Times' and had an entirely different story

    The woman didn’t share details on how she met Kelly but admitted to posting the bond. It’s quite the mystery considering the Sun-Times report of prior court documents showing that Love also filed for bankruptcy in 2015. This was connected to her failure to pay nearly $3,000 in parking tickets and she allegedly claimed to courts that she was a day care teacher for seven years. In 2017, the site reports, that financial curb would drastically change after she and her husband received around $1.1 million in a wrongful-death lawsuit settlement. The Sun-Times reports that they filed the suit against Chicago’s Children’s Medical Hospital after their daughter’s 2010 death during a heart procedure. The site confirms reports that Love is also the manager of a restaurant named Love on the Blu and named as corporate officer at the day care she claimed to have taught at.

  3. The Sun-Times doesn’t definitively state that Love’s funds for Kelly’s bond came from the whopping sum of the wrongful-death lawsuit. But considering her prior financial situation, the internet put their own two and two together:

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)


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