Hip-Hop Artists Who Have Been Targeted In Shootings In May 2019

Hip-Hop Artists Who Have Been Targeted In Shootings In May 2019

From tour bus drive-bys to studio shootouts, the escalating violence has raised many fan concerns.

Published May 16th

The surge of violence sieging hip-hop this week is washing the community over with worry as breaking reports of shooting incidents stapled headlines for the past week.

While none of the incidents have been connected from law enforcement, the shootouts targeting some of the rap circle’s favorites, such as Young Thug, Offset, and Yo Gotti, are still hitting rather close to home. Beginning a week ago with a drive-by attempt at an Atlanta recording spot where the Migos member was recording, the flurry of shooting incidents took off from there and spilled over into the latest shootout affecting the tour bus of Memphis rap star, Yo Gotti.

Investigations behind the shootings are currently underway, and will hopefully cease the gunfire outbreak before the sweltering months of summer arrive. In the meantime, here’s who has been targeted and/or involved in the alarming incidents thus far, and a quick rundown on what you should know about the cases:

  1. NBA Youngboy

    During Miami’s Rolling Loud festival weekend, gunmen fired off rounds at the Baton Rouge rap star near a Trump resort. NBA Youngboy was not hit, but sadly, an individual who was caught in the crossfire fatally succumbed to gunshot wounds and his reported girlfriend was also hit and later taken to a hospital for treatment. The shooters had an AK-47 assualt rifle among their weapons, and two men were arrested at the scene upon police response.

  2. Offset

    The Migos rapper was reportedly recording at the Crossover Entertainment Group studio when a vehicle rolled up and blasted the venue with bullets, according to TMZ. Footage obtained by the site from surveillance cameras outside of the studio shows the events unfolding, as the gunman fires from the passenger side window.

    TMZ further reports that one of the witnesses believes Offset might have been the target of the shooting, though no word from him, his team, nor investigators have confirmed that.

  3. Yo Gotti

    According to the Tennessean, shooters aimed at Gotti’s tour bus in what police are investigating as an “apparent act of targeted vandalism.” Fortunately, the Memphis rapper nor anyone else was on the bus during the incident, and thus, no injuries were reported.

  4. Young Thug

    Thugger made out OK from a shootout that resulted in his Ferrari that he rode in and two party buses packed with his entourage being riddled with bullets in Miami on Friday (May 10). According to TMZ, someone pulled up beside his vehicles around 6 a.m. on Miami’s I-95 and opened fire. Law enforcement reported two men and a woman who were sent to the hospital for, fortunately, non life-threatening injuries, and the Jefferey rapper went unscathed.

    TMZ posted an update afterward that Thugger’s spokesperson stated that the shooters were not aiming at him, but the bullets were actually intended for the vehicle that DJ Keyz was in. The DJ was apparently one of the three victims injured in the gunfire. “He is fine,” the spokesperson reportedly commented. “It was a minor injury and not serious. Young Thug was gone and not involved.”

  5. YFN Lucci

    Shooters doused the Atlanta rapper’s Mercedes G-Wagon with bullets that left one person inside the car injured in the drive-by incident on Friday (May 10), TMZ reports. The shooting victim, who was also the driver, reportedly suffered from two gunshot wounds, one being in his left shoulder. There are no current updates on the investigation or suspects involved.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/Wireimage, Marc Piasecki/GC Images, Prince Williams/WireImage)


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