Kanye West Denied Permit For Wyoming Ranch Amphitheater

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Kanye West Denied Permit For Wyoming Ranch Amphitheater

West’s representatives were told to stop work on the ranch immediately.

Published November 21, 2019

Written by Alexis Reese

A permit has been denied for entertainer and entrepreneur Kanye West, who was in the works of building an amphitheater on his land near Cody, Wyoming.

  1. AP News reports that the Park County Planning and Zoning Commission officially made their decision once ‘Ye changed his construction plans. A county official was informed that the Jesus Is King artist now wants to add a residential section. 

    Although an ample amount of progress had been made on the property, West’s representatives were asked to stop any work as soon as possible. “I am appalled at the abuse of our regulations and complete disregard of all of them,” Linda Putney, a Park County planning and zoning commission member, told Cody Enterprise. “To come in and tell us, after pages of review -- hours, to tell us it’s not even the same project? That’s just not acceptable to me.”

  2. With West pursuing his residential pods idea outside the amphitheater, new problems have arisen which will change the zoning and how Park county does their review. 

    “It’s going to involve sewer, water, utilities,” said Joy Hill, Park County Planning and Zoning Director.

    Kane Morris of Point Architects spoke and apologized on behalf of Yeezy. “Timing was bad, we apologize,” he said. “It’s life, things happen, things change.”

  3. Additional concerns have been expressed throughout the Cody community with West’s “long-term vision” for his property plans. “We’re very concerned how those things collectively are going to be categorized and what will actually be allowed there,” said Hill. 

    “What we need is transparency,” said Marion Morrison, the Commission Chairman. “We need honesty with what is presented to us because everyone … spends a lot of time on this.” 

    West recently announced that he would move the headquarters of his Yeezy brand to his ranch alongside his residential pods and amphitheater. 

(Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company)


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