Joycelyn Savage Facing Misdemeanor Domestic Battery Charge Following Altercation With Azriel Clary

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - FEBRUARY 23: Joycelyn Savage (L) and Azriel Clary arrive for a bond hearing for R&B singer R. Kelly at the Leighton Criminal Court Building on February 23, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.  Kelly, who is facing charges on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, is being held on $1 million bond.   (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Joycelyn Savage Facing Misdemeanor Domestic Battery Charge Following Altercation With Azriel Clary

Yesterday, videos of Joycelyn and Azriel fighting at R. Kelly’s Chicago condo at Trump Tower surfaced online.

Published January 9th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Following an altercation between R. Kelly’s purported girlfriends, 24-year-old Joycelyn Savage and 22-year-old Azriel Clary, at the fallen R&B star’s condo at the Trump Tower in Chicago, Savage has been charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic battery.

  1. Most recently, Clary revealed that she was no longer living with Kelly as of December 2019. On Wednesday (Jan. 8), the 22-year-old presumably returned to the condo to finish moving out, and while she was gathering her items, Savage appeared. 

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  2. In the video, which was obtained by The Shade Room, Savage confronted Clary, calling her “evil” and “disrespectful,” before their exchange turned physical. Clary can be heard shouting, “Joy, you were sleeping with me as a minor” after the phone falls to the floor. Additionally, an unidentified man can be heard trying to break up the fight.

    The incident was caught on camera as Clary had been live-streaming her move-out via Instagram. In a separate second video, Clary is seen talking to the police as she describes what just happened, claiming, “Joycelyn attacked me and I had to defend myself so I would like to press charges.”


  3. Savage reportedly fled the scene but later surrendered herself over to the custody of the police. She was charged shortly after on Wednesday night (Jan. 8), according to ABC Chicago. Clary was later taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in good condition, according to the news outlet. She confirmed the news of Savage’s arrest via Twitter on Thursday (Jan. 9).


  4. “Joycelyn is sadly in jail for assault, I thank everyone for sending me lots of love and prayers,” she said. “You all will know everything sooner than later.”

    Clary later posted a second tweet calling for prayers for Savage, who has remained by R. Kelly’s side while the R&B singer awaits his April 2020 trial from jail.

    “I woke up today happy but torn, I didn’t come to Chicago for Robert... only for Joy, whom he purposely separated us because he knew I’d try to make her go home,” she wrote. “Please pray for Joy, this is just tough love so she can come to her own realization at her own timing.”

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  5. In the latest update, R. Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, has also denied Clary’s accusations in a statement to TMZ

    “I have a statement written by Azriel that she provided to me, voluntarily, after Robert was already in jail, that said she never had sex with him when she was underaged,” he said. 

    The outlet also reports that Savage has been released from jail. She is expected to appear in court on January 23. We will keep you posted on any further developments. 


(Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)


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