Summer Walker Departs From Social Media Amid Coronavirus Post

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 20: Summer Walker performs on stage at Electric Brixton on October 20, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Burak Cingi/Redferns)

Summer Walker Departs From Social Media Amid Coronavirus Post

“For my label, I’ma just delete all this s**t.”

Published March 4th

Written by Danielle Ransom

R&B’s Summer Walker has found herself at the center of controversy after she shared a video pertaining to the coronavirus. 

  1. On Tuesday night (Mar. 3), the rising R&B star faced backlash online after she posted a fake video that claimed to depict Chinese people deliberately “spreading” the coronavirus. “That’s some trifling nasty a** s**t,” she captioned the video on her Instagram page. Fans quickly brought it to her attention that the video in question was from two years ago and has long since been debunked, but Summer only doubled down on her initial stance. As a result, criticism has been storming in across social media. 

    “Lmao, I ain’t make the video or the caption. All I saw was some nasty s**t, period. Idgaf if my mama did that s**t, it’s f***ing nasty. I said what I said. Y’all can go to hell,” Summer issued in defense of herself via another post on the social platform. 

  2. “It’s not the video itself, sis. It’s the fact that the video promotes public health myths regarding the coronavirus without presenting an actual instance of someone doing what the video alleges,” one fan explained to her. “The video itself is an intentional misrepresentation of Chinese people. It is racist. That does not mean YOU are racist...that however does not erase the fact that you made the choice to post a video with racist content.”

    In response, Summer announced her departure from the social platform and pulled all of her posts from her Instagram page. Albeit, her account is still active at the time of this reporting.

  3. “Lol people so dumb, talking about I'm racist and that video was from a long time ago. It doesn't matter if it was from 20 years ago. Bottom line [is] that s**t nasty [and] IDGAF if a black, white, yellow, or green person did that s**t, it's still nasty," she issued on her Instagram Stories. “Lmao, I literally don't give a f**k anymore this app. It's not that serious. For my label, I’ma just delete all this s**t.”

    See Summer Walker’s comments in full below: 


(Photo: Burak Cingi/Redferns)


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