Wolftyla Explains What Led To Megan Thee Stallion Songwriting Drama

Megan Thee Stallion at the 2019 American Music Awards arrivals at Microsoft Theater on November 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, USA. (Photo by P. Lehman)

Wolftyla Explains What Led To Megan Thee Stallion Songwriting Drama

“I just hate how it was portrayed on social media because it made me look like ‘she’s a liar.’”

Published March 10th

Written by Danielle Ransom

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Wolftyla was recently on the No Jumper podcast where she addressed the 2019 friction between her Megan Thee Stallion.

  1. During Megan Thee Stallion’s emergence to the forefront of rap with the release of her well-received Fever mixtape, the two women bumped heads after Wolfyla asserted that she was ghostwriter for the album.

    As many may remember, Wolftyla celebrated the project’s release a few days after it dropped on Twitter where she claimed she contributed to the track, “Simon Says,” which also featured Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J

    “Got my first placement and it’s on an album by a woman who I think is fire,” she captioned the post along with a photo of the mixtape’s tracklist. Without naming any names, Meg quickly shut down speculation that she received help in penning the fan-favorited song. Taking to her Instagram stories, the Houston rapper refuted any involvement from other writers on her music.

    “I write all my own sh*t don’t let nobody gas you up like that. That clout s**t crazy,” Megan issued in response, according to The Source. In a separate, second message, Meg reiterated her previous stance. “Like I said, don’t nobody write my s**t for me…so don’t try to insinuate you did… just be clear from the beginning. I didn’t even know she had nothing to do with the song Juicy J say you ain’t write nothing. Simon says shut tf up.”

  2. In her interview with No Jumper, Wolftyla expounded on how she became involved as a writer for “Simon Says.” The 23-year-old began by first stating that she has nothing but respect for Megan and her hustle. She also clarified that the two were never in the studio together. 

    “I was in a studio session and I was playing my music and somehow happened to leave the door open to the studio session, and Juicy [J]'s manager came in." she recalled. The manager introduced himself and told Wolftyla that he was a fan. From there, he invited her to come to a studio session the next day.  

    “I went in there, they played me a bunch of beats, I picked out the beats that I loved, I did some writing on it, melodies on it, and then boom,” she said. 

  3. Speaking on her experience of working with Juicy J, the 23-year-old said she just went into the studio feeling “really humble.”

    “Juicy J's a legend. I'm not gonna sit here and bash him because, hey, it’s the industry. The industry is the industry and business is business,” she acknowledged. “But, I definitely was going in there bright-eyed and really excited to work with him.”

    As for her spat with Megan, Wolftyla shared that she harbors no ill feelings.

    “I wasn’t mad that any of that stuff happened. I just hate how it was portrayed on social media because it made me look like ‘she’s a liar,’” she said. 

    Check out Wolftyla’s full interview on No Jumper below: 

(Photo: Lehman / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)


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