Rich The Kid And YoungBoy Never Broke Again Are Back Together Again

Rich The Kid And YoungBoy Never Broke Again Are Back Together Again

Rich The Kid details their new collab 'Nobody Safe' and talks about new music.

Published December 2nd

Written by Trey Alston

Rich The Kid is in the midst of telling someone, presumably his assistant, to go pick up his car and grab his jewelry from the shop. “My bad bro, what were you saying?,” he asks, almost scratching his head as he diverts back to our conversation. 

The 28-year-old, New-York born rapper was in the midst of answering questions about the claim that someone on President Trump’s team invited him last month to take a jet to Michigan and offer the president moral support. Lil Pump and Lil Wayne both came out as Trump supporters, which begs the question if President-Elect Joe Biden extended a hand to bring Rich The Kid to one of his rallies, would he have gone?

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“At the time it was my friend's birthday, so I wasn't going to go anywhere,” the rapper says assuredly. “I was already somewhere for his birthday. I don't give a damn if it was anybody calling me. It was his birthday and I have that loyalty to him that I had to be there, so I couldn't go anywhere.”

The audio of a video about dropshipping roars through the receiver as he continues the conversation. We’re shooting the breeze a few days ahead of the release of Nobody Safe, Rich The Kid’s joint project with YoungBoy Never Broke Again that dropped on November 20, and Rich has a lot on his plate. He’s in the middle of, or at least what sounds like, making preparations to travel abroad while also explaining the thought process that went into the creation of the project. It's his first full-length collaboration with YoungBoy after the two previously collabed on “Money Talk” from Rich’s Boss Man album that dropped in March and “For Keeps” from last year’s The World Is Yours 2.

Their partnership actually stretches back to 2017 when the pair collaborated on a song — which one exactly, Rich isn’t sure of. But it’s through this early linkup that the two established a camaraderie that has come to define their relationship since. “We just record so many songs together, like all the time,” says Rich.

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This frequent method of making music is, ultimately, what Rich claims led to the creation of Nobody’s Safe. “It wasn’t like we were thinking ‘Oh, we’re doing an album. We’re going to drop it in the fall,’” Rich says. “We were just vibing and recording music. One day, we might record three songs in a night, and on another day we’ll get around to two. We’ve just been locked in all the time.”

The combination of these two is like liquid gold. Their chemistry only amplifies the prolific power each man exemplified in their lyrics and delivery and clearly the fans are loving it. When guys like this, who don’t take the game for granted, link up in the studio, they aren’t prone to wasting time.

“It’s easier working with him than any other artist,” says Rich. “It’s like he’s my brother for real.”

Nobody Safe is 15 tracks of the dynamic duo coming together to detail the process of making it rain, having a “whole lot of hundos,” and watching the doors from an exotic car go up into the air when they park in front of packed events. There’s no hefty  narrative for the LP of strung-together hits, and that’s fine. According to Rich, it’s all a part of their design. 

“The project will teach the world that we know how to have fun together and make some hits at the same time,” he says. 

And going into 2021, it may be exactly what we need. 

Of that not so distant future, Rich The Kid is charging on with new music — even as Nobody Safe lies smoking in his yard. He’s released a new solo single, “So Heartless,” today (Dec 2) with a star-studded video featuring Lil Wayne, Lil Tjay, Famous Dex, and more. On the song, he addresses his label situation and his decision to go independent.

Knowing Rich’s work ethic, I ask him about what’s coming in the future and he’s pretty vague but able to let me know that something’s on the way. “I'm dropping more music soon,” he says. “And I got a song with me, Flo Milli, Mulatto, and Rubi Rose that I want to put out in a few weeks.”

It’s safe to say that him and YoungBoy, based on their sheer output of music, are a match made in creative heaven. 


Photo: Gideon Ayeni


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