Lil Wayne Wonders Why He Wasn't Invited To The Grammys Next Year

attends BACARDI, Swizz Beatz and The Dean Collection bring NO COMMISSION back to Miami to celebrate "Island Might" at Soho Studios on December 9, 2017 in Miami, Florida.

Lil Wayne Wonders Why He Wasn't Invited To The Grammys Next Year

“Am I not worthy?”

Published December 22nd

Written by Trey Alston

With his long and storied career in the music industry, Lil Wayne is upset that he wasn’t invited to the 2021 Grammys ceremony.

The rapper took to Twitter and questioned why he was not asked to attend next year's show. “As an artist, when I see da Grammys coming up & I’m not involved nor invited; I wonder. Is it me, my musik, or just another technicality?” he wrote. 

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He continued, wondering if the reason for his invitation snub has something to do with his talent. “I look around (with) respect & wonder competitively am I not worthy?!” he wrote. 

He ended the tweet with a knowing nod to his past success that made him one of the world's highest-selling artists. “Then I look around & see 5 Grammys looking bak at me & I go to the studio,” he wrote. 

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It’s easy to argue that Lil Wayne doesn’t even need the validation of an award show because he’s sold 120 million records worldwide, 15 million LPs, and 37 million digital tracks within the United States. 

Even with as much music as he’s already released, Lil Wayne has shown that he still has more to offer. In November, he released his latest project, No Ceilings 3.

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for BACARDI


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