Casanova Hit With Charges After Participating In Viral TikTok Challenge

ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 03: Rapper Casanova attends the Official Big Game Take over Hosted by Cardi B+Meek Mill at Compound on February 3, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Casanova Hit With Charges After Participating In Viral TikTok Challenge

The Brooklyn rapper’s version of the #JuneBugChallenge got him in trouble.

Published February 8th

Written by Paul Meara

While the goal of the viral TikTok #JuneBugChallenge is to dance in a strange location, Casanova probably should have thought twice before doing it from the Westchester County Jail.

According to Journal News/, the Brooklyn rapper, who is currently incarcerated on racketeering charges, has been hit with internal departmental charges after a woman recorded him accepting the challenge during a video visitation.

The Westchester County Department of Correction prohibits the taking of videos and pictures during a video visitation. The video and pictures taken of Casanova at the jail were posted to his Instagram page.

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Westchester Correction Commissioner Joseph Spano says his department has revoked Casanova and the woman’s video visitation privileges as well as slapped another charge on the rapper for not wearing a mask.

"I'm happy to say we don't have a lot of issues with video visits because inmates know it's a privilege, not a right," Spano said, according to Journal News/

Why Is Casanova in Jail?

Casanova, born Caswell Senior, is in federal custody as a part of a racketeering case against 18 alleged members of the gang “Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation". He is currently being held in Westchester County Jail in Valhalla, New York.

The gang has been charged with numerous crimes, including the September killing of a 15-year-old in Poughkeepsie and defrauding programs meant for people suffering hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage


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