Bill O'Reilly Calls Lupe Fiasco a Pinhead

Bill O'Reilly Calls Lupe Fiasco a Pinhead

The controversial FOX pundit hates on yet another rapper

Published June 17, 2011

Lupe Fiasco made headlines last week when he called President Barack Obama “the biggest terrorist in the United States of America." And like clockwork, hip pop hater/low key racist, Bill O’Reilly, had to stir up more negativity by offering his two cents.

“You may remember the name Lupe Fiasco. I wish I had that name,” said Bill O'Reilly according to All Hip-Hop. “He is a Chicago rapper who often says outrageous things…Mr. Fiasco has been invited on The Factor but has declined, possibly because he could not possibly defend that remark, which makes him a pinhead. Now the reason I say I wish I was named Lupe Fiasco, wouldn't it be great, The Fiasco Factor? I mean, it would be tremendous.”
Minutes later, Lupe responded on his Twitter, claiming he was never invited on the show:  “Whoa! I got invited to the O'Reilly factor and turned it down??? That’s news to me...would NEVER turn down the opp to push billys buttons!”

If there is any rapper who could definitely take on Bill O’Reilly and actually win in a battle of wits, it’s Lupe Fiasco.

(Photo from left: Mark Davis/PictureGroup, Kevin Winter/ImageDirect)

Written by Starr Rhett


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