Q&A: Tamar Braxton Talks Hubby, Reality Show and Plastic Surgery

Q&A: Tamar Braxton Talks Hubby, Reality Show and Plastic Surgery

The "Braxton Family Values" star on the show’s new season and her rising fame.

Published November 11, 2011

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After the first season of Braxton Family Values it became apparent that Tamar Braxton was a big hit and popular star of the series. The unabashed, outspoken youngest sister of the Braxton Clan, Tamar is now equally known for her tell-it-like-is point of view, princess ways as well as her now infamous dot com and dot org expressions.


Braxton discussed the health of her husband Vincent Herbert with BET.com, her music career and how her new spotlight created a little tension among her sisters.


Your husband Vincent Herbert suffered a pulmonary embolism recently, how is his health now?

Vincent is doing great, he’s still in the hospital but I say he’s doing great because he’s definitely out of the woods. He’s recuperating so I’m very, very thankful for that. I’m not going to rush the doctors. They say he should be home in about a week and half or so.


Many people originally tuned into Braxton Family Values probably curious about your sister Toni [Braxton] because of her success, but I think you’ve emerged as the star of the show. Have you felt your celebrity rise?

It definitely has, I appreciate it and I’m very happy. As far as my sisters were concerned there was a lot tension at first because it was different for everybody. It was different for me to have that kind of attention. But you know what? I waited my whole entire life to have a career and to be noticed and accepted as Tamar. I can’t lie and say it doesn’t feel good for people to accept who you really are. No hit records, no gimmicks, no Playboy, nothing — just me being who I am and people accepting who I am. It’s a great feeling.


It’s been reported that the entire reality show was your idea, what did you want the show to do for your career?

I have to be 100% honest with you. I had no idea that this show would be the platform for me to launch my singing career, I promise. This show is definitely about our family and the women in my family and how we live our lives and how it parallels all our viewers' lives. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a nurse, secretary, doctor, whatever. Toni’s a major superstar but she was still having the same issues as Jessica from Bank of America. I thought it was important that we share our stories and we share our entertainment. We are who we are and you can apply it to your lives.


So what can fans expect, how will season two differ from season one?

I’m going to try to tone it down a little bit [for season two] but I’m working on it. In the first season people would say to me, "You’re popping off on your sister," or "You’re judging your sister," and it wasn’t that. I believe in all my sisters, I think they’re queens, I think they’re beautiful, I think they deserve the world because they give so much and I’m not talking monetarily. They’re great moms they’re great examples so I just feel like they deserve men who appreciate that. And at the time, I didn’t think any of them did.  So I don’t take back anything I said [to my sisters in season one], I just take back how I said it.


Where did you come up with your dot com and dot org expressions?

They are just sayings that I’ve been using over the years because I couldn’t express how I felt. So if I said,  “You are working on my nerves dot com." They knew I meant business. That was the epitome of whatever of what I was feeling. If I said I was "Hungry.org," people knew I had to be really, really hungry. I just wanted everyone to understand the depth of what I was saying. That’s why I started using those phrases.


Vincent is no longer managing Toni. Would you consider leaving his management firm if you thought it might help your career?

Toni left Vincent's management firm and is no longer on the roster, but I’m still a part of it. Right now that's what works for me. I can’t say in 10 years if we’re going to be on same page. I want to take my career to the next level. I’m rocking with who believes in what I believe in. I know he has my best interest [at heart] and he knows I’m going to work my  behind off. I’m not wasting his time, energy and money. It works for the both of us right now. Trust and do believe that Vincent would drop me like a hot potato if he did not believe in what I’m doing.


You’ve been honest about getting plastic surgery. Do you want to address any rumors of what you did or didn’t have done?

Please print this: I would like to say I did not have series of work done. I just had my nose done. These are my lips. Everybody forgets we have full lips — I’m a Black girl, sorry. It’s not my fault that I’m light-skinned and, no, I don’t bleach [my skin]. But don’t get it twisted; I would if I wanted to. I do wear weaves and I do wear wigs. That’s where I’m at with it, thank you.


Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays on WeTV at 9/8c.

Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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