So Rachel Dolezal Will Name Her Son After a Black Icon

Rachel Dolezal was live in studio on the 'Today' show Tuesday morning, for her first sit down interview since resigning from her controversial NAACP position. She looked composed and calm as she smiled before chatting with Matt Lauer.
Pictured: Rachel Dolezal
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So Rachel Dolezal Will Name Her Son After a Black Icon

The race faker just won't quit.

Published December 9, 2015

Saint West has been dominating the news cycle this week, but speaking of unusual baby names, Rachel Dolezal — who announced in August that she's pregnant — just revealed what she plans to name her unborn son: Langston.

“I’m naming him Langston because of Langston Hughes’s ‘Mother to Son’ poem,” Dolezal said on Monday. “Life hasn’t been easy for me at all, but I keep going. I’m still climbing, so don’t you sit down and stop. You keep going, and I want that to be a lesson for all my sons.”

Hughes's poem “Mother to Son” is one of his most famous pieces and describes the struggle for equality. “Well, son, I’ll tell you: life for me ain’t been no crystal stair,” the poem reads. “Don’t you set down on the steps ’cause you finds it’s kinder hard. Don’t you fall now — for I’se still goin’, honey, I’se still climbin’, and life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.”

The profile, for Vice's Broadly, also describes Dolezal's unusual home: "a portrait of Pariah, the character in the Spike Lee–produced movie, over the fireplace; a drawing of the KKK chasing a Black girl above Rachel's bed; and a painting of her adopted son, Izaiah, as a baby next to the dining-room table. In the living room, a Langston Hughes poetry book lies on a chest."

Well, we gotta hand it to Dolezal: she just won't back down. Watch Rachel defend her identity on The Real, below:

(Photo: 247PAPS.TV / Splash News)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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