Miguel Talks Prince Comparisons

Miguel Talks Prince Comparisons

R&B singer is humbled by a comparison to one of his "hugest influences."

PUBLISHED ON : APRIL 7, 2011 / 02:15 PM

"Man how does anyone compare to Prince, really?," Miguel asked rhetorically. Sitting behind the scenes just minutes before his sold-out performance at New York's S.O.B.'s, the singer was humbled to be mentioned in the same sentence as the music icon, whom he credited as a big influence on his career. 

In an exclusive interview with BET.com, the "All I Want Is You" singer talked about how Prince and other musicians have inspired him. "There’s so many layers to his artistry, you know what I mean? Writer, virtuoso and genius, really, when it comes to him being a musician," he said.

Miguel goes on to cite Bruce Lee, David Bowie, Saul Williams and John Lennon as people who have had an effect on his artistry. "Every one of those artists in their own right was revolutionary. Those are my influences," he says.

But for Miguel, being compared to Prince is an overstatement. "It’s cool for people to pick parts of him that they see in me because he is one of my hugest influences. I think it’s cool that you see it if you do, but I would never compare myself to him."


(Photo:  Scott Gries/PictureGroup)

Written by Kim Osorio, with reporting by Raven Carter


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