Actor Tristan Wilds to Release Mixtape

Actor Tristan Wilds to Release Mixtape

He says it could be a mix between rap, singing and poetry.

Published July 5, 2011

Actor Tristan Wilds, also known as Michael Lee from HBO's "The Wire," is about to dive into the music scene. With two R&B singles on YouTube titled "Fall 4 Her" and "Runaround" and a freestyle clip with his brother, Wilds is looking to release a mixtape this summer that might merge some interesting sounds.

"I guess it will be a hybrid [rapping and singing]," he tells "It's just another creative outlet for me, so I think whatever comes out and whatever I feel sounds good, whether it's singing, or whether it's rapping [that's what you will see]. Even if it's poetry that comes out, that's just something that will fill your soul up. I'm trying to make some good soul music."

Whatever the result, fans are sure to see a deeper side of Wilds through this project.

"I'm still just trying to iron out everything name-wise, but I promise it's gonna be a first look or first listen and I just want to get everybody's opinion on how my mind works," Wild says. "It's a good look into how my mind works." 


(Photo: Patrick Ecclesine /Landov)

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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